Friday Night Magic Locations

Looking for a place to play Friday Night Magic? Let our Fort Walton Beach and Pensacola Locations be your place to play.

Friday Night Magic Locations Banner TBS Comics offers Friday Night Magic locations (FNM) in Fort Walton Beach and Pensacola. We are the premier venue for FNM in the area and typically start at 7:00pm; but check our calendar for exact times and dates.

Friday Night Magic at TBS Fort Walton Beach!

7:00 PM Standard

Friday Night Magic at TBS Pensacola!

7:00 PM Standard
Friday Night Magic allows Magic fans to get together and meet other players, play some games, check out new cards, test your deck designs, and have fun! Local Pro Player Michael Malone, who won GP Charlotte has played in the Pro Tour in Brussels, plays at the Fort Walton Beach location every chance he gets! 11401555_10153499303568313_6920270045323181743_n

Friday Night Magic at TBS is Friendly Competition

Players of all skill levels are welcome at Friday Night Magic at TBS. It doesn't matter if you're a rookie or if have played a lot of Magic, come on down and test your skills. If you've only been playing at home or at school with your friends you'll find a new place to play FNM and maybe even pick up some tips from more experienced players. Just get down here and hang out with players who love Magic as much as you do. Before you attend your first Friday Night Magic event at TBS Comics, don't forget to create your very own Wizards account! It's super fast and you'll get your player ID number, called a DCI number, which you'll need in order to play in any kind of official Magic tournament. To find out what's going on click the button below to see all upcoming friday night magic the gathering events. Also Below is a link to our online store, as well as a link to our Magic Facebook group page. Here are some images from our Fort Walton Beach Store: 10629611_10153348074269821_4271276488751726914_n  12006319_10153344423314821_5813106751209247676_n  12004119_10153344423284821_8007555640360669568_n Here our some images from our Pensacola Store: 11954627_1492591614373286_3156505694677634568_n  12002270_1494889690810145_672050982659867957_n TBS Comics Online Store!
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