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TBS Comics has been serving Northwest Florida since 1985 with locations in Fort Walton Beach and Pensacola. When you visit TBS Comics, you will experience the largest selection in the area of all your favorites and more! We have two convenient locations to serve you - 550 Mary Esther Blvd Fort Walton Beach, Florida *behind Longhorn Steakhouse 6895 North 9th Avenue Pensacola, FL *corner of 9th & Creighton next to Batteries and Bulbs

Employee Info

First Name: Zac

Length as a member/ customer with TBS: I have been gaming at the store sense I was 16, was a volunteer when D&D 4th edition dropped, ran that for years. Then got a job here when I was 24 and have been working here almost 6 years now as a tournament organizer for Magic: The gathering, Force of Will, and various Board games. Couldn't see myself any where else.

Some of my favorite comic book characters: Rocket Raccoon, Dr. Peter Venkman, John Constantine

Some of my favorite movies: Ghostbusters, Guardians of the Galaxy, Blade Runner, are a few I can watch over and over again and not get bored.

Some of my favorite games: A few of my favorite games would have to be, Magic: The Gathering, Ghostbusters the Board Game, and just about anything role playing wise. I love the new 5 edition of D&D, as well as the Pathfinder system.

First comic series I ever collected: I was young when I fist started collecting comics, and the first series I ever collected was the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I still have some of them today, not in the best of conditions but I look at them every once in a while and it brings back some good memories.

Most memorable moment as a member of TBS: My favorite TBS moment would probably have to be Driving the party bus will the whole crew during our 2014 Christmas party. I enjoy everyone I work with and its so fun when we all get together because we do not really interact with each other

Products I would recommend: I love love love board games, anything that comes with little minis, it always feels more personal when you can paint them or just having the model in your hand in general. I would highly recommend Zombicide, Ghostbusters the Board Game, and well I could go on for hours, come on in and I will get you set up with a great board game, you wont be upset with playing. As for card games, Magic: The Gathering would be my first choice for sure. It is a game that has been with me for a long time, and I will never get out of it. Several of the deck building games like DC: Deck Building, or the Legendary system are great  games as well.
First Name: Steve

Length as a member/ customer with TBS: As an employee I am into my 8th year here with the Company. As a patron I have been coming in to TBS Comics not too long after moving to Pensacola in 2001.

Some of my favorite comic book characters: Captain America, that one is a duh if you have ever met me. Nova, the Richard Rider one, but the new kid is growing on me. Last but not least is Havok of the X-men, a long time favorite for me since reading X-Factor back in middle school.

Some of my favorite movies: This is difficult, there are so many to choose from. I would have to start with Transformers the Movie (1986), Star Wars Return of the Jedi and the First Lord of the Rings. So many I wish I could take the entire list for this with a week of time to name them all.

Some of my favorite games:  I love the Halo series of games, Mass Effect series and Assassin’s Creed series as well.

First comic series I ever collected: My collection started in 6th grade with a What If? issue, “What if Cable had killed the X-men?” I had read a few comics before this one but this was the issue that made me an X-men fan.

Most memorable moment as a member of TBS: There have been so many in my time here, some bad but most good and all entertaining. The one that comes to mind easiest is was Free Comic Book Day 2014, it was our last in our old location and the biggest we had to date. I spent all day walking around talking to people I haven't seen in a long time and ones I see all the time. Danced around with the stormtroopers of the 501st and had a blast of a day. Free Comic Book Day always sits as a stressful day and a satisfying evening for me and I wouldn’t trade those days for anything.

Products I would recommend: Marvel’s Civil war was such a big book to me as an employee and a fan, the monologue from Captain America to Spider-Man still moves me (which was in Amazing Spider-Man #537 but part of that storyline so get the Civil War: Spider-Man Trade as well). Guardians of the Galaxy by Abnett and Lanning is an amazing team-up book of humor and star crushing action, you will see why this was a great choice to make a movie on. Star Wars Edge of the Empire Roleplaying Game or any of the Fantasy Flight Line of Star Wars RPG’s. I normally roleplay for my fun game nights with friends and this Star Wars line ha been my favorite Star Wars RPG line to date. Always a fun night.
First Name: Kristi

Length as a member/ customer with TBS: I started with TBS Comics in 2010 as a customer and a card player. My family would come up to TBS comics every Sunday to the World of Warcarft TCG. I became the Tournament Organizer for WOWTCG and also a volunteer for the shop shortly after. Finally, the Boss-man approached me and offered me a job. I became an employee of TBS Comics in May of 2014.

Some of my favorite comic book characters: Thor/ Lady Thor Harley Quinn Dead Pool

Some of my favorite movies: Lord of the Rings and Hobbit Trilogies, The Nightmare Before Christmas, A Knight's Tale.
Some of my favorite games:Ascension, The Doom That Came to Atlantic City, and Red Dragon Inn

First comic series I ever collected: My collection started with the New 52 Harley Quinn

Most memorable moment as a member of TBS: To be honest, there really isn't a favorite moment. I love my job and it's because every day is just wonderful.I am surrounded with comics and games all day. The customer base is so nice. The associates I work with are all very care-free, and love their job just as much as I do. I have never had such a kind and caring boss. Every time I come into work, that's my favorite TBS moment.

Products I would recommend: Red Dragon Inn,The Doom That Came to Atlantic City, and Red Dragon Inn
First Name: Robert

Length as a member/ customer with TBS: 10yrs Staff 14yrs Customer

Some of my favorite comic book characters: Beast / Constantine / Superman

Some of my favorite movies: Forest Gump / Star Wars / Highlander

Some of my favorite games: Boardgames (any) / Magic (EDH) / Malifaux

First comic series I ever collected: X-Men #1 Deluxe Claremont Run

Most memorable moment as a member of TBS: 1st Coastal Assault (Setup to Breakdown)

Products I would recommend: Magic Fat Packs / Graphic Novel Locke & Key Vol 1 / Kristi's Kingdom Hearts Keyblade
First Name: Shana

Length as a member/ customer with TBS:  10+ years as a staffer, 20 years as a customer

Some of my favorite comic book characters: Nightcrawler, Michonne from The Walking Dead and Lenore (By Roman Dirge)

Some of my favorite movies: Fight Club, I watch it over and over, The Silence of the Lambs, The Princess Bride.

Some of my favorite games:  Games is such a loose term. Favorite Board Game: Betrayal at the House on the HIll, Favorite Video Games: Skyrim and Portal.

First comic series I ever collected: The first comics I ever read were my uncles Conan comics. Probably the first comics I started collecting myself were X-Men.

Most memorable moment as a member of TBS:  Back when it was just Bob and I, we would sometimes both be sick. Since there were just two of us, we'd have to come to work with it. I remember us doing shots of cough medicine behind the counter and tackling the day. It seems a silly memory but I've never loved a place I worked so much that I'd work sick and still have fun. Only here. That's why I'm so happy to be back as a staffer.

Products I would recommend: Batman Love Letter. I have had so much fun with this little game. It's also extremely portable and small so I keep a copy in my purse often. The Sandman Graphic Novels. If you haven't read them, you are missing out. Dragon Shield sleeves. I don't play any card games at the moment but I had sets of these sleeves that lasted years of constant play. They also have a bunch of colors!
First Name: Anna

Length as a member/ customer with TBS: As a customer I have been shopping at TBS Comics since 2000/2001, I have been working at TBS Comics since July 6, 2006

Some of my favorite comic book characters: My Favorite Comicbook Characters are: Jaime Reyes (the third blue beetle), Bart Allen (aka Impulse/ 2nd Kid Flash / 3rd Flash) and Kate Bishop (Hawkeye for the Young Avengers)

Some of my favorite movies: Ratatouille, Princess Mononoke, Interview with the Vampire

Some of my favorite games: Legend of Zelda series, Legacy of Kain series, Pokemon gold/silver

First comic series I ever collected: Forgotten Realms: Homeland was the first comic I collected

Most memorable moment as a member of TBS: There are soo many good moments that has happened over the course of 9 and a half years (at the time of writing this). but one of my favorite things we do as a company is going to see the next big comic movie together. Pre and post movie are the best things, where we talk about the movie and how it was good or bad, what it could impact in terms of comic books later on.

Products I would recommend: Tsuro the board game, Saga the comic, and One Punch Man the manga
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