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Fort Walton Beach Weekly Gaming Schedule


7:00 PM- MTG Draft

Wednesdays –

4:00 PM- Warhammer 40k

7:00 PM- Force of Will

Fridays –

7:00 PM- Friday Night Magic

7:30 PM- Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament


11:30 AM- Heroclix

1:00 PM- Star Wars Armada

4:30 PM- Star Wars X-Wing

7:00 PM- MTG Star City Game Night

9:00 PM- MTG Commander League  


12:00 PM- Warhammer 40k

1:00 PM- D&D 5th Edition

1:00 PM- Force of Will


Pensacola Weekly Gaming Schedule


6:00 PM- MTG Standard


5:00 PM- EDH

6:30 PM- MTG Modern

Fridays –

6:00 PM- Star Wars  X Wing 100 points

7:00 PM- Friday Night Magic

Saturdays –

10:00 AM- Warhammer 40k

5:00 PM- Board Games

6:00 PM- D&D 5th Edition

7:00 PM- Force of Will

Sundays –

12:00 PM- D&D Attack Wing

1:00 PM- Hero Clix

2:00 PM- Pokemon

The Card2014

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