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Star Wars Armada to release Super Star Destroyer! Thumbnail

Star Wars Armada to release Super Star Destroyer!

The Super Star Destroyer Expansion Pack arrives to swell the forces of the Galactic Empire with the first ship of an entirely new classhuge ships. The pre-painted, beautifully sculpted Super Star Destroyer miniature within this expansion is the largest miniature yet created by Fantasy Flight Games, measuring over 24 inches from tip to tip. Of course, such a huge miniature serves as a stunning remi

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Star Wars Legion Coming to TBS COMICS Thumbnail

Star Wars Legion Coming to TBS COMICS

TBS will be carrying a full line of the Star Wars Legion miniature game by Fantasy Flight Games.  No official date yet, but expecting the release to be in the first quarter of 2018.  You are welcome to join our local facebook group for more discussion: TBS SW LEGION Group

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Star Wars: X-Wing Game New Release this Week (WAVE 10) Thumbnail

Star Wars: X-Wing Game New Release this Week (WAVE 10)

TBS Comics will have the rest of new X-Wing Wave 10 Releases Available Wednesday. SWX 59 Sabine's Tie Fighter, SWX60 Upsilon Class Shuttle, & SWX61 Quadjumper.  Don't forget to use your TBS CREW Card 2017 to get 10% OFF.

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Monthly Board Game Night Kicks Off SEPT 10 Thumbnail

Monthly Board Game Night Kicks Off SEPT 10

After popular demand, TBS COMICS Fort Walton Beach will be hosting a monthly board game night starting on Saturday, September 10 @ 6PM.   Each month we will have a special host/mc that will coordinate some of the events.  You are welcome to bring your own games and/or take part in the TBS sponsored games.  This is a great way to try new games and see some of the more popular games in action. 

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Cooperative Game Recommendations from TBS Thumbnail

Cooperative Game Recommendations from TBS

Cooperative Games So we are all familiar of the classic concept of playing a boardgame to win, and outperforming the rest of the players to get there. However, there are games where it is impossible to win without the aid of the rest of the players to help you. These are referred to as Cooperative style game, and they promote teamwork, strategy, and synergy. These are a few suggestions of coope

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Recommendations for fun deck building game action Thumbnail

Recommendations for fun deck building game action

DECKBUILDING BOARD GAMES A relatively new style of boardgame, deckbuilding games have become a rather dominant style of boardgame in the community. The idea is to start with a blank slate of generic cards, then create something magnificent out of that mold. The style appeals greatly to those of us that enjoy build um up video games; like Fallout or Elder Scrolls. Although the style just came i

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Party Game Recommendations Thumbnail

Party Game Recommendations

PARTY GAMES The summer is upon us once more, and as groups of friends find time to get together more often, party games are played more often. These are trending party games that you and your friends will find fun to play and talk about while enjoying the summer.   CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY When we talk about party games there is no way not to bring up Cards Against Humanity. This ga

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Tabletop Day 2016 @ TBS! Thumbnail

Tabletop Day 2016 @ TBS!

TBS COMICS will once again be hosting Tabletop Day  this Saturday, April 30 2016 from Noon to Midnight. A Board Gaming and Miniature Gaming marathon!   TBS will have a special 20%OFF Sale during the 12 hour event (*sorry, sale price cannot be combine with any other discount ).  Bring in your board games and play all day and all night.  TBS will also have featured events hosted by staff or vol

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Regular Hours Easter Sunday Thumbnail

Regular Hours Easter Sunday

TBS will have regular store hours Easter Sunday. TBS Fort Walton Beach: 12-6PM TBS Pensacola: 11AM-6PM

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(MARCH REPORT) Here are some things that are Trending here at TBS COMICS that you may want to check out: The Contender Card Game: The Contender: The Game of Presidential Debate is a United States presidential election debate-themed party game using cards. The objective of the game is to use Argument Cards to win a mock presidential debate between other potential candidates. Players take turns d

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