We buy comic books, toy collections, & Magic the Gathering Cards (posted buy list on our facebook page each week).  Most of our comic book buying is done in our Fort Walton Beach store but I am in the Pensacola store some Fridays.  Please call me at our Fort Walton Beach store earlier in the week to set up a time:  ask for Ed (850-244-5441).


Some basic Comic book buying guidelines to help you along:


#1 Most comic books printed in the last 30 or so years (1980-current/40 cent cover price and up) will need to be in mint / near mint condition for us to consider.


#2 Due to the massive amounts of collections present to us that are based in the 1990-96 era we often can only offer 5-20 cents a comic.  We have thousands and thousands and thousands of comic books from this era and simply do not need any more.  We have to turn away many collections just because we already have many of the same books x10 or more.


#3 We have to resell the comic books that we purchase and many times it can take years to resell them.  Please be prepared that you are selling to a business and not another collector.


#4  I will do my best to either give you an offer for your collection or at least give you some guidance and a realistic assessment of what you have.


Toys buying:

email me what you got.  I will need to know if it is still in packaging or loose.




feel free to email me with any questions:

FWB Store is now buying and selling cards, for just our store. We will have our own buy/sell list.

For Magic the gathering please see our facebook page for what we are currently buying. TBS Comics.

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